Avnet is a Fortune 500 company founded in 1921. With customers in 125 countries, Avnet is a global leader in semiconductor distribution and component integration, often referred to as the electronics supermarket.

“With Informatica Product 360, we are able to provide our customers and suppliers with higher quality data. For me, it means we've managed to get to where we wanted to go and our journey is secured for product data in the future.”

 Andy Thorne

Vice President of Technical Content, Avnet
Business Need
  • Desire to deliver an exceptional customer and supplier experience while managing millions of SKU’s
  • Reduce manual effort of managing parts information & increase agility
  • Make product onboarding and marketing collateral development processes more efficient and effective
  • Existing system can no longer support new business models
  • Multiple siloed systems with inaccurate, inconsistent, incomplete and fragmented product and supplier information
  • Large numbers of parts, customers, suppliers, regions, market segments and languages
Solutions & Results
  • Product 360 provided a seamless way to add new parts and maintain parts on their global website
  • Higher quality product data for both customers and suppliers increasing ability to promote new products

Products & Services

MDM – Product 360

Leverage a scalable, flexible PIM solution to manage complex product content and provide a next-gen customer experience.
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