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“Deliverability is our main reason for using Informatica Data as a Service, because keeping your sender score up as high as possible is important when you are dealing with a high volume of email each week. Using Email Verification Plus Hygiene gets you in the comfort zone and away from the gray zone, where you could potentially be blacklisted”

Brian Chiosi

Marketing Systems Lead
Business Need
  • Become an innovative, cost-effective and cutting edge phone communication system provider
  • Create an email communication channel to nurture leads with intent to move through the sales cycle
  • Manage data quality of email addresses acquired through several channels
  • Implement an easy solution across an existing custom lead engine and marketing technologies
  • Avoid blacklisting and deliverability issues due to bad data quality
Solutions & Results
  • Improved the sender score to reach 96 and reduced the risk of the business
  • Email addresses are verified and cleansed through RingCentral's marketing CRM
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Products & Services

Informatica Email Verification Plus Hygiene

Proven email verification and hygiene solution increase deliverability, protects sender reputation and improves email marketing performance.

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