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“Access to high-quality, trusted and mastered data is vital for the delivery of world-class experiences for our patients. Informatica CLAIRE AI engine will allow us to get a better understanding of the quality of the data in our platform and answer more intelligent questions with trust and confidence.”

Joe Nguyen
System VP of Data and Analytics, SSM Health


See how smart data management supports healthcare

  • Population health
  • Patient experience
  • Quality of care
  • Cost management
  • Work/life balance
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Population health
Patient experience
Quality of care
Cost management
Work/life balance

Hackensack Meridian Health creates connected healthcare experiences by mastering and cataloging patient data.

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Empower patient access

Streamline access to healthcare services with a centralized portal for appointments, electronic health records and more.

Revolutionize wellness management

Implement an interactive wellness app for personalized patient guidance, data collection and health reminders.

Optimize patient health plans

Foster interoperability in health plans to create a comprehensive Patient 360, supporting risk analytics and insights.

Hartford Healthcare masters provider data and improves the patient experience using Informatica.

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Enable modern physician discovery

Empower patients with an intuitive online portal for seamless search and filtering to find the right physician.

Simplify billing and payments

Give patients access to claims information and allow them to see details, make payments and reduce administrative hurdles.

Refine appointment management

Modernize patient access with an online portal for hassle-free scheduling, real-time status updates and more.

CVS Health enhances member care and reduces data quality issues by 99%.

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Enhance care quality with analytics

Get advanced analytics to identify and address root causes of quality issues and optimize patient care strategies.

Create holistic patient insights

Develop a comprehensive view of each patient with Patient 360 and enable healthcare professionals to identify care gaps.

Enhance patient engagement

Foster engagement with a data-driven mobile app and make patients active participants in their health journey.

Highmark Healthcare creates remarkable health experiences with reduced costs and enhanced patient care.

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Streamline applications

Reduce operational costs by consolidating healthcare applications to improve resource allocation.

Deliver cost-effective care

Drive cost reduction by creating a comprehensive Patient 360 view, eliminating unnecessary and redundant care.

Automate manual effort

Eliminate manual operations, enhance efficiency and reduce errors by automating back-office processes.

Improve your patient, provider and member experiences with better data strategies.


Minimize staff burnout

Automate back-office processes to eliminate manual effort so health staff can prevent burnout and refocus on patients.

Empower staff with digital efficiency

Modernize staff workflows by shifting routine patient interactions online, reducing repetitive administrative tasks.

Enhance efficiency with interoperability

Seamlessly integrate with other providers and health plans, allowing healthcare professionals to access data effortlessly.

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How Data Leaders like Pfizer are Delivering Better Health Outcomes


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Global system integrators
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Moving Data Analytics Processes Forward into the Future

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Solve your data challenges with market-leading solutions

Pay only for what you use with consumption-based pricing

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Intelligent Data Management Cloud


Intelligently scan metadata to discover and understand your enterprise data.

data integration & Engineering

Access and integrate data at scale using elastic and serverless computing.

API & App

Connect your applications and automate end-to-end business processes.

data quality & observability

Deliver consistent, trusted, and governed data across the enterprise.

MDM & 360

Innovate with 360 views of business data and trusted intelligent insights.

Access & Privacy

Data intelligence to govern, protect and democratize your data.


The industry’s only cloud-native, AI-powered solution for data sharing.



Informatica healthcare solutions enhance patient care by providing a unified view of patient data, supporting precise diagnoses, personalized treatments and improved health outcomes.

Explore Informatica insights on enhancing patient care with data management

Informatica enforces robust data governance and compliance protocols, ensuring healthcare data privacy aligns with HIPAA and other regulatory standards to protect sensitive patient information.

Learn more about informatica’s approach to healthcare data privacy

Informatica serves healthcare providers and plans by managing data across all systems, improving the quality, accessibility and interoperability needed for holistic patient care and services.

Gain insights into using informatica data solutions for healthcare providers

Informatica aids population health management by integrating diverse data sources to deliver insights on health trends, enabling proactive care strategies and improving community health outcomes.

Learn how to harness the power of data in healthcare with industry-leading data management

Informatica streamlines healthcare operations, automates processes and eliminates data silos, leading to more efficient care delivery and significant cost reductions.

Learn how to modernize healthcare operations with 360-degree insights

Deliver integrated healthcare services in the digital era

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