Reference Articles


We’ve collected informative articles on a variety of data management topics, from iPaaS to master data management and data privacy, to help architects, developers, and business analysts gain knowledge, better understand enterprise data management challenges, and explore best practices.

Data Governance Framework: Pillars for Success

Understand the four key elements of data governance readiness and how a strong data governance framework helps you define the structure for your data governance program.

Big Data Characteristics: How They Improve Business Operations

Understand the characteristics of big data, why they’re key to next-gen analytics in the cloud, and how Informatica solutions address no-limits big data.

Data Governance Challenges and Best Practices

Learn how to start and continue a successful enterprise data governance program, including the 4 core processes and data governance examples.

Big Data and Privacy: What You Need to Know

Learn about today’s unique big data privacy challenges and why protecting big data must be built into your data integration and management strategy.

Master Data Management: What It Is and Why It Matters

Everything you need to know about master data management (MDM): the effort to create a single master reference source for all critical business data

IoT Data Management: The Rise of Industrial IoT and Machine Learning

Learn about the difference between IoT and Industrial IoT, including IoT use cases and five must-have capabilities for IoT data management.

Big Data: What You Need to Know

Learn about big data characteristics and how you can use big data to make better decisions and improve productivity.