Powering manufacturing 4.0 

Speed industrial advances with AI-driven data management


Fueling the engine of innovation

Automation and data exchange are key to the current manufacturing paradigm, Industry 4.0, which is redefining business practices for industrial manufacturers.

Transitioning to hyperautomation

Without data to understand and discover the end-to-end manufacturing process, it is difficult to target areas for automation where the most gains can be realized.

Protecting supply chains from global threats

The lack of an accurate view of supplier data due to siloed systems and applications across regions and business units results in increased overhead and higher costs.

Keeping up with evolving regulations

Noncompliance with national and transnational safety regulations such as OSHA, MSHA, and NHTSA can result in steep financial penalties.


Aberdeen Report: Manage Product Data to Impact Omnichannel Program Success

Learn how companies using master data management to manage product data across their businesses are seeing up to 76% greater annual revenue growth.


Propelling Honeywell into the future


Driving the fourth wave of industrial revolution

Next-gen manufacturing leaders need easy access to trusted, relevant data to make better business decisions and accelerate digital transformation.


Digitize processes and integrate disparate systems to drive global digital transformation. 

See how Rockwool uses real-time data and AI to optimize stock picking and fulfillment, deliver faster, and minimize errors.

Ensure transparency, agility, and responsiveness in supply chains with a single view of high-quality data and advanced analytics. 

See how Foster’s Group established a single integrated view of its operations worldwide and maintains efficient supply chains by matching production with customer demand.

Readily available and rich product data is key to providing great product experience across channels.

Find out how BMW Group manages complex product content and provides a next-gen customer experience.

Achieve a single source of supplier and product master data to ensure global consistency and quality while respecting local market and global compliance requirements.

See how Bradley Corporation manages detailed compliance data for its distributor customers and end users, reducing compliance risk.


Discover the power of intelligent data management

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Driving digital transformation in manufacturing

Capitalize on Industry 4.0 opportunities with AI-powered cloud data management.

Master Data Management

Delivers reliable business-critical data so you can optimize operations and make informed decisions.

Product 360 (PIM)

Manage complex product content across distribution channels and at scale.

Supplier 360

Streamline vendor & supplier information management with a single, trusted data source.

Customer 360

Discover how to strategically manage, visually explore and securely share customer data to deliver great customer experience.

Enterprise Data Preparation

Intelligently discover and prepare trusted data for advanced analytics and AI/ML projects.

Data Engineering

Build intelligent, cloud-native data pipelines at scale for AI and analytics.

Data Quality

Ensure consistently high data quality across cloud and on-premises data sources

Cloud Services

Reimagining iPaaS with critical end-to-end cloud data management and a microservices architecture

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