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Bring your data to life with Informatica, the proven leader in data integration software. Now you can make better decisions with Cloud Data Integration-Free.


  • Build reliable data pipelines rapidly by following three simple steps.

  • Load billions of rows of fresh data in minutes.

  • Connect nearly any data from any cloud with no code and no setup.

  • Speed enterprise-level data design with AI-powered recommendations and template-driven transformations.


  • Go from data integration to insights in no time with Cloud Data Integration-Free.

  • Centralize all the data across your teams within your favorite destinations.

  • Onboard virtually any user, data or application with prebuilt connectors for multiple sources to seamlessly land data in the cloud of your choice.


  • Adapt automatically to schema changes as you make them.

  • Uncover hidden insights with AI-driven metadata interpretation.

  • Achieve results with an easy-to-use UX and intuitive support at every stage.

  • Gain nearly unlimited scale and pay only for what you use with a one-click upgrade to Cloud Data Integration-PayGo.

Data agility at every step

Go from where you are now to places you never thought possible. Make informed decisions. Be more productive. And build pipelines with the simplicity, scale and security needed to transform your organization.

Data Loader—
Cloud Data Integration—
Cloud Data Integration—
Intelligent Data
Management Cloud
Rows/Hours Unlimited Up to 20M rows/10 compute hours (per month) Unlimited rows/
compute hours
Unlimited consumption pricing
Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Wizard-driven UX checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Ingestion checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Support Community Community + Live Chat Community + Live Chat + Basic Community + Premium
+ Signature Select
Scheduling checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Standard Transformations checkmark checkmark checkmark
Orchestration checkmark checkmark checkmark
SOC 2 Compliance checkmark checkmark
Advanced Transformations checkmark
Elastic with Serverless checkmark
Application Integration checkmark
API Management checkmark
Data Quality checkmark
Data Catalog checkmark
Data Governance & Privacy checkmark
Master Data Management checkmark
Data Marketplace checkmark
Version Control checkmark
Single Sign-On checkmark

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