Unsere branchenführenden Lösungen setzen Maßstäbe bei Kundenbindung, Innovation und intelligenten Transformationen.

Übergang zur Cloud

Accelerate Business Insights

Rapidly stand up scalable and flexible cloud data warehouses to deliver insights you can trust to run your business.

Integrate Cloud Applications

Provide real-time connectivity across cloud and on-premises enterprise applications to manage business processes.

Manage Hybrid Data Complexity

Manage data and deliver a connected experience across cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments.

Deliver Fast Cloud Innovation

Find, enrich, prepare, and deliver accurate and consistent data you can trust to power quicker business decisions.

Unterstützung von Data Governance und Compliance

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Engage the business, IT, and data security teams in governing data of all types across the enterprise to guarantee compliance.

Deliver GDPR Compliance

Manage GDPR data risks so you can ensure compliance and fuel your customer initiatives with quality data.

Protect Customer Data

Detect and protect sensitive customer data wherever it may reside in the organization.

Verify Contact Data

Ensure your contact data is current, accurate, and complete so you can reach your customers when it matters most.

Bereitstellung von Analytics-Erkenntnissen

Deliver Analytics Innovation

Enable business analysts to prepare trusted data to accelerate business insight delivery and better decisions.

Drive Insights from Streaming Data

Capture and understand critical events in real time to improve decision making and respond rapidly.

Simplify Analytics Architecture

Replace complex point-to-point data integrations with a simplified, managed, and governed data architecture.

Discover and Access All Your Data

Enable business users to discover and access all data across the entire enterprise for analytics use.


Gain a 360-Degree View of Business-Critical Data

Ensure that decisions and processes leverage the best available information.

Engage Customers

Fuel interactions with relevant, personalized, and timely information to increase customer loyalty and grow revenues.

Create a Unique Omnichannel Experience

Supply sales channels with rich, accurate data for an informed customer experience.

Simplify Supplier Onboarding

Centrally manage supplier relationships, ensure compliance, and assess performance and risk.