yes, Israel's leading multi-channel television provider, needed to understand their viewers’ behavior as a way to increase engagement and loyalty, promote new content and provide more value to customers. yes faced several challenges: Collect data from hundreds of thousands of IP-connected set-top boxes (IOT), on an hourly basis Implement efficient processes and analysis of big data sets (100M daily, 35 billion annually) Set up a hybrid cloud architecture, with full and centralized data integration orchestration yes implemented a fully scalable hybrid cloud solution with Informatica Cloud and PowerCenter which allows them to deeply analyze TV usage and combine it with data from other areas in order to achieve their business goals. Analyzing TV usage data allows advanced analytics like customer segmentation, promotion effectiveness, audience flow and series loyalty which leads to a deeper understanding of the viewers' behavior. The new knowledge enables optimization of broadcast-schedule planning and personal content recommendation. Until now, broadcast-schedule planning was based mainly on common sense of the content experts. Now they are able to analyze the zapping between channels and programs and improve the planning based on solid data. The new knowledge that is gained with this solution has resulted in higher customer engagement and improved customer loyalty.

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Informatica Cloud

A family of cloud data integration solutions specifically designed to help SaaS application and platform customers integrate cloud-based data with the data residing in on-premise databases and systems or between cloud applications.

Informatica PowerCenter

Accesses, integrates, and delivers any and all data quickly and cost-effectively, without hard coding

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