Financial Services Company

Based in Rosemont, Illinois, this financial services holding company has more than 5,000 employees and $31 billion in assets, operating 15 wholly owned bank subsidiaries in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

“We started as a community bank, and we still pride ourselves on greeting customers by name. Informatica Multidomain MDM helps us maintain that personal, customer-first approach as we grow and undergo digital transformation.”

Chief Data Officer

Financial Services Company
  • Establish a single source of truth for each customer and share consistent, trusted data across the enterprise.
  • Build trust by enforcing data quality at the source and keeping customer contact information current.
  • Grow the business and onboard newly acquired companies’ data without disrupting their systems, processes, and customer service.
Solutions & Results
  • Use Informatica Multidomain MDM to master customers, entities, accounts, products, and locations across core banking systems.
  • Cleanse data with Informatica Data Quality and automatically verify and enrich customer contact data with Informatica Data as a Service.
  • Maintains a small-town bank feel and efficient operations by allowing acquired companies to keep their processes and systems.
  • Acquire and reconcile data from new acquisitions and a variety of source systems with Informatica Multidomain MDM.
  • Enables data-driven digital transformation for more targeted services and communications, better credit risk analysis, and an authoritative view of customer data.
  • Builds trust with customers by improving the accuracy and security of their personal data and financial communications.
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Products & Services

Data as a Service

Communiquez en toute confiance avec vos clients en utilisant des données personnelles vérifiées et enrichies.

Informatica Data Quality

Deliver clean, trusted data so all your projects meet your business objectives, regardless of the size, format, or platform of your data.