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Turn to Axon Data Governance for trusted data at enterprise scale. Cost-effectively scale your data curation. Democratize data and empower your organization—all with industry-leading governance technology.


Axon Data Governance: Key features

Empower teams with consistent, trusted data. Integrated, automated data governance at scale. 

Get quick access to curated data

Ensure teams can quickly find, access, and understand the data they need with a curated data marketplace.

Easily define connections & dependencies

Organically and easily define connections, identify gaps, and link policies to items they affect.

Develop your data dictionary

Develop a common data dictionary for a consistent source of business context across multiple tools.

Visualize data lineage

Create end-to-end business flows to visualize coverage and expose impacts, duplication, and more.

Automatically measure data quality

Generate data quality measurements based on business definitions, then measure and monitor over time.

Ensure data privacy

Ensure business users can understand potential risk and assess the impact of changes and remediation.


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“Having an automated, integrated solution from Informatica has made a big difference in our effort to visualize the current ecosystem, because trying to trace data lineage manually was incredibly time consuming and error prone making the entire manual effort untenable. You cannot manage what you cannot see.”

Data Governance Program Manager

Healthcare Industry


Operationalizing Data Governance at Enterprise Scale

Operationalizing Data Governance at Enterprise Scale


Promote data governance across your organization

Ensure the data driving your business initiatives is consistently trusted, high quality, and available to everyone who should have access. 

  • Enhance data stewardship
  • Deliver trusted data at scale
  • Collect more knowledge

Data governance powered by AI 

AI-driven automation streamlines data discovery, quality assessment, and communication. Data stewards get better access to trusted data so they can take quick action.

L.A. Care saves time, cuts costs, and improves data visibility and control with integrated data governance. 

Develop trust in data and results to deliver business value

Expand to handle changing governance needs and ensure all teams can use trusted data to deliver consistent, reliable results.

With trusted, high-quality data, McGraw Hill Education expanded visibility into critical sales trends. 

Leverage tools that help your teams excel 

Easily identify stakeholders and facilitate knowledge transfer so teams can learn from each other. 

AIA built a common business glossary to improve customer data quality and accessibility. 


How to Empower Your Team with Data

Looking for data governance advice? Hear from global data leaders and get real-world-tested best practices in our monthly masterclass webinar series.
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