Informatica Intelligent Data Platform—Powered by CLAIRE

Drive intelligent disruption by unleashing the power of all your data—regardless of its source. 

In a world punctuated by digital disruption, data is your greatest source of market differentiation.

In an era where data is the new and trusted currency, traditional approaches to data management won’t buy you much value.

It’s time to disrupt or be disrupted. Unleash the power of your data to fuel intelligent disruption by creating opportunities, solving complexities, and accelerating innovation, all while defending against market, business, and technology disruptions.

All users and use cases

Your organization requires quality data delivered quickly to drive business value. Once-trusty tools and hand-coding approaches simply cannot scale to both manage today’s hybrid architectures and support the many needs of the business. You need a shared source of governed and trusted data that can serve the needs of your entire organization.

The Informatica Intelligent Data Platform fills that demand, delivering data at scale for all users and use cases. The industry’s most complete solution is also the most modular, built on a microservice architecture to ensure automated delivery of data for self-service access by people, applications, and machines.

Any data

The platform collects data from even the most fragmented sources across complex hybrid enterprises. It connects:

  • Any data type—Structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data
  • Any integration pattern—Batch, real-time and streaming, or API
  • Any metadata—Application-, pattern-, and product-aware
  • Any source—Databases, data warehouses, applications, big data systems, IoT, social media, and so on
  • Any location—On-premises, cloud, hybrid, and big data    

And it transforms that data into trusted, secure, governed, accessible, timely, and actionable intelligence, enabling the intelligent digital transformation of organizations with the thorniest data challenges.

One data platform

Most importantly, you can use Informatica’s Intelligent Data Platform to grow and evolve at your own speed. Because it is modular, you can start with a single Informatica product or solution and add data management capabilities as your needs require. 


CLAIRE: The Intelligence in the Intelligent Data Platform

You need better data now, which when you factor in the explosion of data volume and complexity, is harder than ever to accomplish. Informatica addresses this problem with industry-leading capabilities to accelerate the implementation of data management projects and simplify operations.

The CLAIRE engine is the industry’s first metadata-driven artificial intelligence to power data-driven disruption. It leverages the Intelligent Data Platform's enterprise-wide metadata management and adds the intelligence to make intelligent recommendations, to automate the development and monitoring of data management processes, and to adapt to changes from within and outside the enterprise. CLAIRE drives the intelligence of all the data management capabilities in our Intelligent Data Platform.

The CLAIRE engine will boost productivity across the platform by:

  • Accelerating data delivery: CLAIRE automatically recognizes data types and data entities. It can also group data, relate data, and intelligently tag it for faster understanding.
  • Accelerating business self-service: CLAIRE can provide intelligent recommendations to help business analysts and data scientists. It can suggest other relevant data sets to consider in their situation. It can also automatically relate business terms to technical data, making data more immediately understandable and usable.

CLAIRE provides the metadata-driven intelligence that is used across the entire Intelligent Data Platform.

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services: iPaaS Re-imagined

Informatica’s Intelligent Cloud Services extends the current definition of Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) to become an end-to-end enterprise data management solution for cloud and hybrid environments to address next-generation hybrid data management challenges. With an entirely re-invented user experience and microservices architecture, Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services delivers a level of integration and consistency across data management that will dramatically boost the productivity of business and technical users.

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services, a “cloud of clouds,” consists of Integration Cloud, Master Data Management Cloud, Data Quality and Governance Cloud, and Data Security Cloud.

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