Business colleagues using MDM - Customer 360 to manage customer data

Customer 360 Insights

AI-powered customer data management for relevant, contextual customer engagement


Key Features

Realize the full strategic potential of your customer-centric vision
with Customer 360 Insights.

All data

Bring together transaction, interaction, and other data types and manage billions of records across all data sources.

Synthesis and contextual matching

Link customer data and create relationships using machine learning, out of the box.


Infer customer attributes, attitudes, lifecycle events, and more from unstructured data using natural language processing (NLP).

Complex relationships

Visualize relationships, households, social networks, and B2B hierarchies at scale using a graph data store.


Present multiple unique perspectives of the customer and view data differently according to business needs.


Deliver actionable insights and next best recommendations to users via a rich user interface or an API.