HarbourVest is an independent investment firm that provides innovative private equity solutions to institutional clients worldwide. As one of the first private equity fund-of-funds, they have a long and distinguished history of investing in venture, buyout and mezzanine and distressed markets through primary partnerships, secondary purchases and direct investments.

“Informatica Cloud Services are the heartbeat of HarbourVest’s salesforce.com strategy. It was vital to our use of salesforce.com to have the Informatica cloud-based technology. Live in only three weeks, the Informatica Cloud Services integration solution allows our client relationship teams to maintain rewarding, long-term relationships with our global network of private equity clients.”     

Greg Mahoney

Business Analyst, HarbourVest Partners, LLC
Business Need
  • Provide sales teams worldwide with a single, shared view of client relationships, including contact information, investment history and recent activity.
  • Ensure HarbourVest communicates with clients with one voice, through their chosen communication channel. Support the company’s rigorous compliance and data privacy strategy.
  • Shrink the Equitrak/salesforce.com integration time to weeks, thereby enabling HarbourVest client relationship managers to become productive more quickly.
  • Synchronize back-office investor client information with salesforce.com sales management system.
  • Deliver automated scheduling of jobs that integrate over 25,000 rows of data between systems per day.
  • Support querying across multiple salesforce.com objects.
Solutions & Results
  • Enabled HarbourVest to increase sales effectiveness and business efficiency immediately following the 2009 economic downturn.
  • Increased knowledge sharing and communications across the global organization.
  • Introduced up-to-the-minute, multichannel client view.
  • Ensured that sales teams deliver cohesive and compelling sales messages for improved client retention.
  • Supported stringent market regulations regarding compliance and data privacy.
  • Provided fast, low-risk route to increase sales effectiveness and responsiveness.

Products & Services

Informatica Cloud

Integrate cloud-based applications and on-premise databases and applications data quickly and easily.

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