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Continuing Studies

Established in 1766, Rutgers University is the eighth oldest higher education institution in the United States. More than 70,000 students and 23,400 full- and part-time faculty and staff learn, work, and serve the public at Rutgers locations across New Jersey and around the world.

“Using Informatica Cloud Data Integration with Salesforce allows us to better retain our students and engage our alumni.”

Danielle Henriquez,

Business Intelligence Architect, Rutgers University

org-chart-icon.png Business Needs

  • Integrate systems with easy-to-use connectors
  • Standardize data across disparate CE groups: Credit, Non Credit Services
  • Visualize consistent data with Tableau
  • Develop a platform for growth laying the foundation for future data initiatives


  • Attract and retain students, better engage alumni, and identify cross-marketing opportunities for continuing studies
  • Meet changing educational needs of students and improve service to alumni by building a unified, complete view of students and alumni
  • Improve admissions and enrollment process efficiency by providing employees and remote staff at community colleges with a single view of the data in Salesforce

airplane-icon.png Solutions & Results

  • Use Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services to unify data from disparate marketing pipelines, undergraduate and graduate admissions, enrollment, and alumni systems
  • Run nightly batch integrations to deliver timely and trusted information to teams relying on pipeline, admissions, enrollment, and alumni systems
  • Unifies admissions, enrollment, and alumni data for maximum efficiency
  • Automate communications based on critical system indicators
  • Eliminates data silos creating a more holistic view of the student journey
  • Integrate Salesforce with the Rutgers legacy mainframe systems and Oracle databases using Informatica Cloud Data Integration
  • Helps Rutgers modernize its educational approaches and serve students better with timely and actionable information
  • Improves customer service and alumni outreach, while optimizing student transfers and re-enrollment
  • Reduces inbox “noise” with targeted and personalized messages increasing the probability of students reading their email
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