Business Process Management 

Seamlessly integrate and manage all users, systems, and processes.


Key Features

Define and deploy sophisticated business processes that give you a competitive advantage.

High-performance process engine

Runtime environment that meets rigorous availability, scalability, and performance requirements

Business continuity

Process Server provides a number of sophisticated features to ensure business continuity

Process designer — clicks not code

Citizen integrators use Process Designer to visually create real-time application integration processes

Process developer

A rich Eclipse-based IDE, intended for developers, that incorporates the BPMN, BPEL, and BPEL Extensions for People (BPEL4People) standards

Process console

A central location from which to manage and configure the process engine and its deployed resources, perform process scheduling, or deploy new or updated processes, whether in the Cloud or on premises

Process central

Check the progress of ongoing work, group related tasks together, and delegate and customize tasks

Business Process Management Editions

  Informatica Cloud Application Integration Informatica BPM Option for MDM and PIM Informatica Business Process Manager Enterprise Edition Informatica Business Process Manager Service Provider Edition
Process Automation
Application Integration  
Task Management  
Screenflow Option Option Option
Web-Based Designer      
Offered as an iPaaS Service      
Multi-Tenancy / Multi-Site Clustering      


Add-On Packages


Informatica BPM Screenflow Add-on

Screenflow permits customers to create applications that guide and automate tasks for users. 

Customer Success Stories

The Travel Corporation

With Informatica’s Cloud MDM to Salesforce Travel Corporation is able to see all interactions with their customers.


Leading business continuity solutions provider uses Informatica Cloud to share relevant and trustworthy Salesforce.com information in real-time.

Education Elements

A personalized learning platform.

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