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Amit Walia, CEO of Informatica

The reality is that we need to take charge. The leaders who are adopting digital, and now AI on top of that, are creating 400% more value for their organizations based on research from McKinsey. The challenge is that while everybody is ready for AI – you, your executives, the CEOs, the board members, the investors – there is one big stumbling block.

Rafeh Masood, Chief Growth & Digital Officer, Royal Caribbean Group

Everybody is ready for AI except your data. I'd argue that it's data management that's the biggest foundation for AI to create value. I'd argue it's data management that breeds life into AI, data-powered and AI-forward. And as I was thinking about the information hub, and started talking to you, one of the things that you said to me, it was so simple, but very powerful was, Raffi, in five years from now, you will have more complexity, more data. It's probably not a worthwhile effort to figure out how you bring all that together. Rather, focus on how do you implement a framework or think about a complex environment, which is going to get even more complex, and how do you live in and manage through that? So, I thought that was very helpful.

Amit Walia, CEO of Informatica

Step back and the idea of that modern data architecture is that, first of all, it should be neutral. It should be hybrid. I mean, it should be multi-cloud. It should be multi-vendor. It should be modular. It should fit into your reference architecture. It should not assert a reference architecture. It should be best-of-breed. It should be complete. You can't have a point solution. And then before you know, you have 100-point solutions running around and all that you're doing is just connecting the dots. And before, you know, forget the business outcome. You are stuck on the ground level in the basement just trying to connect the dots over that. Philosophically, we don’t think you should be organized like that. That's exactly how our innovation is. IDMC, Intelligent Data Management Cloud, with all of its capabilities and different products. Its CLAIRE AI engine and all of its connections. That's exactly that.  

Manouj Tahiliani, SVP and GM, Master Data Management and 360 Applications

Today, our focus has been to make it easy to leverage master data to build a better AI system, a more trustworthy AI system that is grounded on high quality governance data. GenAI has the ability to transform user experience. So, we have released a brand-new modern user experience that is AI enabled for those copilot interactions and that provides advanced capabilities for accessibility as well as for bulk data editing so you can remediate errors in minutes.  

Brett Roscoe, SVP and GM, Cloud Data Governance and Cloud Ops

Data governance, privacy, portfolio is made up of several key products: our cloud data governance and catalog solution, our data consumer facing cloud data marketplace, our observability and quality tools, and our most recently added cloud data access management. And this summer, we are working with Microsoft to preview a new native data quality and data profiling capability within the Microsoft Fabric experience. Now it is all IDMC on the back end, so it is still easy to expand those, that capability to do other IDMC services and use other parts of the IDMC portfolio. We're excited about partnering with Microsoft on that effort.

Sumeet Agrawal, VP, Product Management, iPaaS

We have completely changed the look and feel of cloud data integration with our modern user experience. We have simplified guided path and we have simplified all the use cases of cloud data integration. You all have asked us to simplify our connectivity and deployment options. We heard you. Now these are simpler than ever before and I'm extremely excited to announce the support of vector databases such as Pinecone, Chroma DB and even vector databases coming out from our hyperscalers. And we have a very exciting roadmap for iPaaS. And I'll start with recipes. Now you all have asked us to give you business accelerators to jumpstart your business process automation. We heard you by launching recipes  

Amit Walia, CEO of Informatica

And we want to make sure that you can move your old estate to the cloud to get the benefit of all the stuff that you see here today. And we want to make sure it's easy, cheap, less risk, less time. And that's our investment in modernization. Whether it's on Powercenter, MDM, and what you heard from Brett today, all things governance, quality, privacy in that area.

Barbara Latulippe, Chief Data Officer, Takeda

In our world, we truly bring data to life. As a pharmaceutical company, we're very focused on making sure that we can get therapies to our patients. And that really is focused on fast data access, MDM data governance, and trusted data. We went to IDMC for all of our data management stack and we probably have pretty close to ten different MDM environments, you could probably name them all.  We had different data catalogs and we were just looking at our journey towards data marketplace, so it became critical. CDO is to simplify our tech stack and improve our user experience while driving value with cost efficiency as well. Our CEO announced at our investor call, 96% of our data is in the cloud, a huge accomplishment within 18 months. We've also gone down from eight vendors down to two. Very proud to have Informatica by our side.

Gaurav Pathak, VP, Product Management, AI and Metadata

Key differentiators for Informatica is our metadata system of record. And with automatic metadata population, we make it easy for you to automatically invent metadata from services like cloud data integration so that it's ready for a lot more automation.  

Amit Walia, CEO of Informatica

Two ways to think of our journey from Informatica. One is Informatica for GenAI. We already showed you that today. All of the capabilities on IDMC, whether it's integration, but at the same time, whether it's data, governance, quality, whatever it is, all of those are critically needed for you to do your projects. You saw what Sumeet showed you. So today, IDMC is available for you to leverage to do your projects. And that's Informatica for GenAI. That's data management for GenAI, like we talked about earlier today. But we're not stopping there. We are also bringing our GenAI to enhance productivity at the data management layer.  

Gaurav Pathak, VP, Product Management, AI and Metadata

You’ve been waiting for Informatica to deliver CLAIRE GPT. You have all used ChatGPT for internet data. CLAIRE GPT is ChatGPT for enterprise data.  

Amit Walia, CEO of Informatica  

We know, your landscape is complex and you've come to trust us to be that provider. We will forever be the Switzerland of data. And as you saw today in the world of GenAI, we are equally the Switzerland of AI, whether it's the LLMs or the vector databases. Trust us to support you and to futureproof your investments in this world of AI.  

Scott Guthrie, Executive VP, Cloud + AI Group, Microsoft

Our longstanding partnership across Microsoft and Informatica is strategic, and it's really defined by the success of our joint customers and the business outcomes that we jointly drive for them. And I think our recent successes like Rolls-Royce, Volvo and Santander Bank are all transformational outcomes. And the partnership is really built on the foundation of how do we do deep engineering co-innovation. How do we do go-to-market together. And then how do we deeply integrate our products and help our customers.  

Amit Walia, CEO of Informatica

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