Major Broadcasting Company

The Major Broadcasting Company, a public service broadcaster, is the world’s oldest national broadcasting organization and the largest broadcaster in the world by number of employees. This Major Broadcasting Company is principally funded through the license fee paid by households.

“Using Informatica solutions, we can understand our audiences better and encourage them to pay the TV license fee because of the great content we produce. That’s a major differentiator for us.”

Head of IT and Architecture/Solution Director

Major Broadcasting Company TV Licensing
Business Need
  • Support a wide range of data users
  • Prepare for machine learning and predictive analytics
  • Provide strong security for Major Broadcasting Company data
  • Compete with on-demand services and retain customers to protect critical TV licensing (TVL) revenue through a better understanding of audiences and their preferences
  • Enable data users to easily discover and understand data assets in a business context
  • Establish a single version of the truth about customers’ preferences from multiple data sources, including TVL operational systems, third parties, and internal systems
Solutions & Results
  • Build a Data Management Solution (DMS) using Informatica products, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Cloudera Hadoop
  • Automatically catalog data with Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog to enable data users to easily find & understand data with relevant business context.
  • Helps protect the Major Broadcasting Company’s most important source of revenue by leveraging customer insights to build loyalty and improve audience satisfaction
  • Increases the value of customer data by making it easier to locate, understand, and re-use
  • Use Informatica Data Engineering Integration and Informatica Data Engineering Quality to import and transform 4 billion records and build a customer view with 150 data points
  • Capture change data from various source systems with Informatica Cloud Data Integration
  • Provides the ability to manage structured and unstructured data to present a single view of customers for Major Broadcasting Company
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Products & Services

Informatica Data Engineering Integration

Enable faster, flexible, and repeatable big data ingestion and integration.

Informatica Data Engineering Quality

Deliver fit-for-purpose big data with scalable, role-based data quality.

Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog

An AI-powered data catalog that lets you classify and organize data assets across any environment to maximize data value and reuse.

Informatica Master Data Management

Tackle complex issues head-on with trusted views of business-critical master data.

Informatica MDM – Relate 360

Discover and visualize hidden relationships to maximize the value of big data.

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services is a next generation iPaaS, which is made up of a growing number of data management products. The productivity of the environment is accelerated by a common user experience across all products, the AI/ML-driven intelligence of the CLAIRE™ engine, and a microservices architecture.

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