Ergotron delivers adjustable and innovative technology furniture and mounts that promote healthier, more productive environments for life and work.

“Using Informatica to synchronize customer inquiry data helps us improve response times, minimize chances of lost requests, and scale support. Our customers feel the benefits.”

 Damon Metts

Director, IT Program Management, Ergotron
Business Need
  • Identify a single-vendor solution that would integrate with existing Salesforce and Oracle solutions
  • Leverage expert assistance to maximize development resources for fast time to value
  • Reduce cycle times to get ergonomic products to customers
  • Provide customer facing professionals with access to complete customer order history without storing redundant data
  • Improve customer service by providing agents with faster access to reliable product data
  • Save time and reduce complexity for sales and customer service, while scaling customer support across multiple regions and departments
Solutions & Results
  • Informatica Intelligent Cloud Data Integration synchronizes batch data between Salesforce Service Cloud and Oracle E-Business Suite ERP system
  • Informatica Cloud Application Integration provides real-time data on product availability and customer orders
  • Improves customer resolution times (up to 50% faster), minimizes lost customer requests, and keeps support quality high as company grows
  • With customer and product data accessible from Salesforce, sales agents have the information to serve customers at their fingertips
  • Helps drive sales of ergonomic products and retain customers
  • Strengthens Ergotron reputation by answering customers’ questions in real time, reducing customer call-backs and order fulfillment time
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Products & Services

Informatica Cloud Data Integration

Support for high-performance, scalable analytics with advanced transformations; enterprise-grade asset management; and sophisticated data integration capabilities such as mass ingestion, advanced pushdown optimization, and advanced workload orchestrations.

Informatica Cloud Application Integration

Informatica Cloud Application Integration (CAI) automates business processes, accelerates transactions, and fuels real-time analytics by integrating applications running on Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services, as well as on-premises applications, services, and messaging systems.

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