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Nissan is made up of a richly diverse group of people, as reflected in the company's leadership team and the numerous corporate outreach programs in which we participate in the community. Together, we have what it takes to build cars and trucks with the power to change both the way you view the world and the way you move in it. 

“We want to improve the efficiency of our CRM to have the ability to propose a customized offer to all our customers at the right moment. ”

Valérie Clert

NISSAN Europe centralized customer database.
Business Need
  • Improve efficiency of existing CRM database and have an accurate profile of customers
    • Diverse and disparate sources that were managed separately and unable to consolidate information
    • Significant gap in the application process descriptions making it difficult to identify accurate source about the customer
    • Poor data quality from disparate systems
    Solutions & Results
    • Improved communication with customers
    • Increased customer conversion rates

    Products & Services

    Master Data Management

    Fornece dados essenciais aos negócios confiáveis para que você possa otimizar operações e tomar decisões bem fundamentadas.

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