State Human Services Provider

This State Human Services Provider is the primary social services provider, assisting people in economic need, providing preventive services, and protecting vulnerable children and adults in each of its 23 counties.

“By providing a single place to conveniently and securely access, share, and manage data from computers and mobile devices, our shared human services platform reduces application processing time for our residents who need access to social services.”

– Director

State Human Services Provider
  • Modernize and improve human services delivery to the state’s citizens through an innovative, cloud-based data sharing initiative
  • Improve data governance, discovery, and visibility to drive digital transformation and provide accurate data for reporting and analytics
  • Provide a unified, trusted view of resident data, allowing multiple state agencies to share and manage data in one convenient place for better decision-making and outcomes
Solutions & Results
  • Use Informatica Master Data Management and Informatica Data Quality to create an authoritative source of trusted, high-quality data
  • Bring data together from 24 local departments and other agencies using real-time and batch integrations in Informatica PowerCenter
  • Implement Informatica Axon Data Governance, Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog, and Informatica Enterprise Data Preparation to automate data governance, data discovery, and stage data for reporting
  • Reduces application processing time, accelerates service delivery, and eliminates redundancies within the eligibility determination process
  • Helps the state achieve better social services outcomes, promoting the welfare of children and families throughout the state
  • Positions the state for statewide digital transformation and a more effective analytics strategy while putting the state in control of data governance
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Products & Services

Informatica PowerCenter

Support the entire data integration lifecycle, from jumpstarting the first project to ensuring successful mission-critical enterprise deployments.

Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog

A machine learning-based data catalog that lets you classify and organize data assets across any environment to maximize data value and reuse, and provides a metadata system of record for the enterprise.

Informatica Data Quality

Ensure end-to-end support for growing data quality needs across users and data types with AI-driven automation

Informatica Axon Data Governance

Your teams need consistent, trusted data to support data-driven decision making. Make sure they have it with integrated, automated, intelligent data governance at scale.

Informatica Enterprise Data Preparation

Informatica Enterprise Data Preparation empowers data scientists and data analysts to rapidly discover, enrich, cleanse, and govern data pipelines for faster insights.

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