Cloud Integration Hub

Modernize integration with a high-performance, governed pub/sub data hub.

Cloud Integration Hub

Orchestrate complex data processing, enable self-service consumption of data, and decouple source and target applications with a modern data hub.


Key Features

Pub/sub data hub as a service

Enable applications, services, and APIs to publish and subscribe data from the hub as needed.


Support multiple data and application integration functions and tight integration with services within Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services.

Any latency

Automate delivery of data on mixed latencies, near real-time, or batch schedules—to all systems.

Intuitive designer

Access custom mappings, transformations, and data workflows in the web-based, code-free designer.

Governance and visibility

Build an interactive visualization of the relationships between publications, data topics, subscriptions, and connected applications with end-to-end metadata.

Monitoring and reporting

View aggregated events, search and find historical events, and get rule-based notifications for any event.

Salesforce accelerator

Jumpstart multi-point integration with prebuilt components and accelerators such as our Salesforce accelerator.

Themenbezogene Datendomänen

Erstellen Sie problemlos themenbezogene Datendomänen aus vorhandenen verknüpften Anwendungen und Abonnement-Aufgaben mit Self-Service-Erstellung von Aufgaben für die Datenintegration.