French Multinational Insurance Firm, Regional Office

French Multinational Insurance Firm is a worldwide leader in insurance and asset management, with 160,000 employees serving 105 million clients in 62 countries. Based in Hong Kong, this Regional Office in Asia, operates life insurance, general insurance and health insurance businesses in multiple markets.

“The big advantage of having a customer centricity toolset like Informatica MDM is that we can use the data operationally to empower our agents.”

– Acting Head of Technology Platforms

French Multinational Insurance Firm, Regional Office
  • Provide more knowledgeable, personalized service across all lines of business and identify sales opportunities
  • Be certain about customer relationships with a single, actionable, 360-degree view of customer and policy information
  • Deliver more value to customers and move away from policy-centric conversations
Solutions & Results
  • Leverage Informatica MDM to detect opportunities across different lines of business
  • Use Informatica MDM to identify unique customers and understand all relationships with a customer, rather than on a per-policy basis
  • Continuously improving sales and service channels through accelerated time to value for digital transformation
  • Empower insurance agents operationally with Informatica MDM and Salesforce integration
  • Insurance agents have the customer information they need to provide the best service and identify cross-selling opportunities
  • The business can identify unique customers with certainty, giving an accurate count of total customers
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Products & Services

Data Integration

Access, integrate, and deliver trusted critical data to efficiently fuel great analytics and business processes across the enterprise.