Vibe Virtual Data Machine

Map once, deploy anywhere.


Key Features

Vibe accommodates different data types,different computing platforms, and even different consumption models.

Transformation library

The Vibe VDM includes an extensive library of prebuilt transformations, or operators, that perform specific functions such as filtering, cleansing, matching, and masking data


The optimizer compiles data processing logic into an internal representation and analyzes the resulting data flow to optimize the volume of data moved and the use of compute resources


The executor component is responsible for translating the operators into their corresponding runtime constructs for the target platform


Vibe provides batch, real-time, and change- data-capture connectivity to a variety of data sources, including standard RDBMs, analytical appliances, mainframe, ERP, SaaS technologies, and social media


A broad range of APIs enable third-party developers to design and add new connectors to access data through Vibe

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