For over 40 years, NI has provided high-performance automated test and automated measurement systems to help solve the world’s foremost engineering challenges. The company’s open, software-defined platform uses modular hardware and an expansive ecosystem to help turn powerful possibilities into real solutions. Customers spanning industries including healthcare, automotive, consumer electronics, and aerospace, rely on NI’ integrated hardware and software platform to refine and deliver products to market.

“Informatica made it easier for our customers and suppliers to do business with us. The improved service experience helps us increase satisfaction and loyalty, and is paving the way for deeper, more strategic relationships.”

James Humphrey

Principal Software Architect, NI
Business Need
  • Create a deeper level of engagement with customers and suppliers
  • Migrate Manufacturing, Finance, and Commerce teams to new enterprise platform to increase support for customers and suppliers
  • Scale IT platform to accommodate growth of suppliers, from 20 to over 200
  • Establish a scalable and multi-tenant enterprise data integration (EDI) solution to make it easier for customers and suppliers to do business with NI
  • Exploit product and customer data across service functions for a better customer and supplier experience
  • Evolve from an engineering product-centric organization to a customer-focused organization
Solutions & Results
  • Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services replaces legacy B2B infrastructure into a flexible, future-proof enterprise platform
  • Establish architectural principles for integration and consistency in the use of enterprise tools
  • Increased IT team efficiency through a streamlined, standardized approach to application integration and proactive monitoring
  • Improve communication among customers and suppliers using Informatica Cloud B2B Gateway
  • Availability of product and customer information makes it easier for customers and suppliers to do business with NI
  • Expedited on-boarding process of new suppliers
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Products & Services

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services is a next generation iPaaS, which is made up of a growing number of data management products. The productivity of the environment is accelerated by a common user experience across all products, the AI/ML-driven intelligence of the CLAIRE™ engine, and a microservices architecture.

Informatica Cloud B2B Gateway

Informatica Cloud B2B Gateway provides the next generation of B2B solutions, designed to automate secure data exchange across partner networks through a cloud interface, and to evolve as data standards evolve. Informatica provides B2B integration solutions that help partners communicate effectively, regardless of whether they are using an on-premises or multi-cloud approach.

Success Stories

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