Verify Contact Data

Ensure your contact data is current, accurate, and complete so you can reach your customers when it matters most.


Organizations have a fundamental need to have a trusted source of contact and address data so they can leverage it to effectively market the right offerings to the right target audience at the right time. Because contact data is leveraged across numerous departments within an organization, contact data verification needs to be a holistic effort. Otherwise, your organization will continue to waste resources. In the case of email address verification, you also to be concerned not just about accuracy but also whether they're safe to send to, which has larger repercussions, including ISP blacklisting.

Build the Business Case for Contact Data Verification

Quick fixes not sufficient

Organizations frequently will choose a “good enough” solution when it comes to the quality of data. There are numerous options for checking basic contact data issues, such as syntax, but these simple forms of validation by no means provide holistic data quality plans. Very few alternatives tie in validation to enrichment to ensure that data is not only correct and reliable but also complete.

Unrivalled verification & enrichment

Informatica's contact data verification solution is unmatched in the industry in its scale, accuracy, and accessibility throughout the world and should be the foundation of a holistic contact data quality plan. It provides validation first and enrichment second when it comes to contact data. Organizations of all sizes can verify and enrich their data so they can confidently connect with their customers' contact data verification results and 1) ensure the accuracy of customer postal addresses and 2) verify customer email addresses are not only accurate, but also safe to send to. 


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