Healthcare Data Governance

Manage your data completely to mitigate risk, comply with regulations like HIPAA and Meaningful Use, and optimize operations.

From HIPAA to Meaningful Use, regulatory deadlines and data requirements can deliver ticking time bombs to healthcare organizations. But steep fines aren’t the only cost of ignoring the need for data governance.

Storing duplicate or low-value patient data, sending marketing pieces to existing members, and mismanaging procurement spending are but a few examples of costs and inefficiencies that a comprehensive data governance program can address.

Ignore the need for governance, and you miss out on revenue, competitive differentiation, cures for disease, optimized patient and member experiences, and more efficient supply chains.

Hear about the future of healthcare data management from Susan Wilson, VP, Data Governance & Privacy at Informatica.

Because you can’t keep your head in the sand or rely on ad-hoc programs forever, Informatica’s Data Governance solutions help you:

  • Create data management policies, processes, and standards to optimize return on data
  • Deliver trusted, secure data by ensuring compliance with defined data governance guidelines

Our data integration, data quality, master data management, data archiving, test data management, proactive monitoring, and data masking tools work together to support a comprehensive healthcare data management framework.

  • Collaboration: Ours is the only solution that ensures clinical and IT data stewards can work together with access to the same tools (and the same metadata)
  • Self Service: Your business users can create the definition of a diabetic population, for example, as opposed to IT doing it for them
  • Thought Leadership: We rely on the latest data governance thought leadership and best practices of our healthcare customers to set the future direction for the platform’s innovation

The ultimate objective of healthcare data governance is to generate the greatest possible return on data assets. If you want to leverage data for optimizing operations, clinical outcomes, and patient or member experience, you need to govern data assets as any other enterprise assets—like real estate, cash, and human resources.

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