Informatica for Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics (formerly Azure SQL Data Warehouse)

Capitalize on the power of your data with agile data management.


Enrich your data warehouse with connected data

Modernize your business analytics landscape with pre-built integration to Azure Synapse that can adapt as your data types and applications change. Azure Synapse is a fully managed service that retrieves, processes, stores, and analyzes petabytes of data that can be scaled up and down to better control operations and costs. To get the most out of your Azure Synapse, you need to pull data from a variety of internal and external sources. Informatica simplifies integration of disparate data sources, making it easy to adopt advanced analytics. You can accelerate and schedule the loading, transforming, managing, and delivery of relevant data to Azure Synapse to gain deeper insights.

Simplify data warehouse modernization

As you evolve your enterprise architecture to the cloud, you don’t want to lose value from your existing enterprise data warehouse. With a flexible hybrid data management platform, you can run your data integration jobs on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. Pre-built connectivity makes it fast and easy to continuously load select data workloads from on-premises sources into a new Azure Synapse while maintaining your existing investments. With Informatica hybrid data management capabilities, you can develop an enterprise data model iteratively without a huge up-front investment to fuel your business and analytics needs with timely and trustworthy data, no matter where it resides.


Accelerate data migration to Azure

Reduce your on-premises software footprint, decrease costs, and increase agility by moving existing workloads, applications, and data centers to the cloud. Informatica’s data management solutions and pre-built connectivity automates the process of migrating a wide variety of data workloads to Azure Synapse and Azure SQL Database from on-premises applications, relational databases, and data warehouses. With a seamless experience moving data from on-premises to cloud environments, Informatica accelerates data migration, transformation, and management, efficiently and securely. 

Getting Started with Microsoft Azure Data Warehousing

Find resources to ensure the success of a strategic Microsoft Azure data warehouse initiative.

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services for Azure

Automatically import, export, and synchronize data among SaaS, on-premises, and Azure data services with a pre-configured fully managed, multi-tenant iPaaS—on demand.

Informatica Network Cloud Support

The success of your Microsoft data management initiatives depends not only on the strength of the software, but also on superior, timely service and support.

Informatica PowerCenter for Azure

Benefit from the cloud by extending the end-to-end agile data management of PowerCenter to Microsoft Azure.

Informatica Cloud Connectors for Microsoft

Easily transfer data in and out of Microsoft applications by connecting any cloud or on-premises application.

Informatica Data Quality for Azure

Employ out-of-the-box business rules and accelerators with role-based self-service data discovery and profiling tools.

Informatica Big Data Management for Azure

Easily find, prepare, govern, and protect big data to quickly drive value with the flexibility and comprehensiveness of Microsoft's Azure HDInsight managed Hadoop framework. 

Informatica Cloud Academy

Take your business to the next level by gaining the core knowledge you need to deliver a successful project using Informatica Cloud.