Realizing the Promise of Big Data

The world is undergoing a major shift as the “where,” the “what,” and the “how” of computing change:

  • The “where” of computing is moving from on-premise to cloud, changing the economics of computing and creating a new wave of data fragmentation.
  • The “what” is shifting from transaction processing to “interaction processing”—people interacting via social media and devices interacting via “the Internet of things”—unleashing unprecedented volumes of interaction data.
  • The “how” is moving from desktops to mobile devices, empowering users with context-aware and location-based services and generating a surge in device and sensor interaction data.
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What Is Big Data?

These fundamental shifts are fueling explosive growth in big data—larger volumes, greater variety, and faster velocity.  There are three aspects of big data:

The wealth of new data can bring unprecedented business opportunity. By harnessing big data, organizations can improve operational efficiency, reduce data management costs, and better manage brands and customer relationships. But few organizations today are equipped to capitalize on the business value of big data. By neglecting to adapt effectively to big data, organizations also invite unforeseen cost, complexity, and risk.

Harnessing Big Data with Big Data Integration

Big Data Big Data

Whether big data becomes your organization’s greatest asset or one of its gravest liabilities depends on the strategies and solutions you put in place to deal with the epic growth in data volumes, complexity, diversity, and velocity. The Informatica Platform enables you to maximize return on big data by providing big data integration. Big data integration can help you access, integrate, and manage data of any scale, from any source, and combine it to generate insights and value otherwise unachievable.

A number of Informatica customers are already maximizing their return on big data. For example:

  • Trucking company US Xpress is another good example. With a far-reaching program called “No Data Left Behind,” US Xpress collects 900 data elements from tens of thousands of trucking systems: sensor data for tire and gas usage and engine operation, geospatial data for fleet tracking, and complaints posted on trucker blogs. Using Hadoop and Informatica, US Xpress processes and analyzes this big data to optimize fleet usage, reducing idle time and fuel consumption and saving millions of dollars a year.
  • HealthNow , a healthcare insurer and service provider in upstate New York, uses Informatica Data Services to support and streamline a service-oriented architecture (SOA) spanning 16 enterprise sources, reducing data infrastructure complexity and providing a single, trusted view of their business. Its success has positioned it to leverage big data, including data from social networks and the unstructured data in claims and medical notes, to support predictive analytics on healthcare issues. The company is exploring Hadoop as the framework for this big data initiative.

Turn Big Data into Big Opportunities

The big data landscape is fertile with opportunities to drive business impact and leap ahead of the competition. The latest release of the Informatica Platform is specifically designed to address both the challenges and the opportunities of big data. If you are ready to realize the promise of big data, learn more about Informatica 9.5.

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