Mergers and Acquisitions Value Acceleration

Rationalize, migrate, consolidate, and integrate critical business data and systems post M&A

Increasing pressure to grow market share and revenue is fueling a new wave of mergers and acquisitions across the financial services industry. Ensuring these mergers and acquisitions perform successfully requires having capable data management technologies to rationalize, consolidate, migrate, and integrate data between operational and analytical systems to support core business functions across front, mid, and back office systems from finance, risk management, to sales and marketing.

At the same time, IT organizations have to rationalize their application and data landscape and determine which systems remain and which should be decommissioned to eliminate redundancy. Unfortunately, manual methods and use of unfit tools often result in data quality, consistency, and availability issues that can impact post M&A value, goals, and objectives.


Informatica solutions

Informatica provides solutions that enable companies involved in a merger and/or acquisition to:

  • Create and provide a combined and trusted source of customer, product, and other shared business data across both companies to support post M&A sales, marketing, and customer service efforts
  • Expedite migration, consolidation, and integration of critical business data across front, mid, and back offices systems
  • Archive data from legacy systems for retirement while maintaining accessibility to that data for business users and critical business systems


Customer Success Stories


Rabobank moves closer to its goal of 80% online services delivery with Informatica.

BNY Mellon

BNY Mellon accelerated a successful merger using Informatica’s real-time integration products

Frost Bank

Frost Bank standardizes on Informatica Platform for application data integration and data quality

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