Cloud Connectivity for Healthcare

Give analysts the data access they need by integrating Salesforce data with on-premise data from EMRs, claims management applications, and more.

To cure cancer, reduce costs, and engage patients, health systems are taking new approaches to care delivery and patient engagement, demanding new types of data and rapid access to it--on any device, anytime. Cloud-based solutions are playing a pivotal role in making this a reality; as of 2013, 40% of healthcare organizations were already storing protected health information (PHI) in the cloud.

Cloud-based applications like, Practice Fusion, and marketing automation solutions enable healthcare organizations to build loyalty while capturing additional data for personalized care delivery. However, to reach your potential, information from your cloud-based applications must be shared and integrated with the rest of the information in your healthcare enterprise. 

For example, users benefit from data that resides in on-premise applications like your ERP and your EMR while your business intelligence or data warehousing efforts are incomplete (and inaccurate) without data generated in the cloud. Cloud-based applications create valuable data that must be managed and maintained as part of your enterprise information management strategy.

Cloud integration and data management solutions help you tame data complexity to better leverage your SaaS investments with the rest of your enterprise applications. Look for solutions that are:

  • Simple—Your SaaS apps are exploding because they’re easy to use. Your integration portfolio should be just as easy to learn for both SaaS administrators and business analysts.
  • Efficient—With templates to maximize efficiency for most common tasks.
  • Flexible—With a robust set of pre-built connectors, so you have flexibility to connect to as many cloud and on-premise apps as possible.
  • Secure—Architected for compliance with user and data security requirements for even the most highly sensitive industry regulations.

Why Informatica?

The Informatica Cloud integration portfolio lets you easily connect to a variety of cloud, on-premise, mobile, and social data sources to ensure you can efficiently share relevant and trustworthy business information. To help better engage with patients, members, and providers and realize the potential of your SaaS investments, Informatica Cloud goes beyond traditional point-to-point integration vendors. We offer the most complete suite of cloud integration for batch- and real-time patterns, cloud test data management, cloud data quality, and cloud master data management applications—all powered by the market-leading cloud Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS).

With the Informatica Cloud portfolio, you can:

  • Ensure the validity and integrity of your patient, provider and member records with integrated data quality.
  • Consolidate data from multiple systems to provide a single view of your consumers in either single or multiple Salesforce orgs.
  • Optimize Salesforce testing efforts through better sandbox management.
  • Power better business analytics by replicating your Workday data and aggregating with multiple enterprise data sources to build a reliable enterprise data warehouse.
  • Connect your SAP and Siebel data to the Salesforce1 Mobile App and run your business from your phone.
  • Leverage native Amazon Web Services connectors for easy and low-cost loading of petabyte-scale data volumes from multiple sources into Amazon Redshift cloud data warehouses.

As the proven leader in cloud integration with hundreds of connectors, more than 3,000 customers, and having processed more than 100 billion transactions per month in the cloud (and counting), Informatica Cloud’s wizard-based UI is designed for non-technical business users and incorporates best practices and templates that accelerate your deployment of cloud apps. 

1 Cloud Computing and the Integration Quagmire, Forbes, May 14, 2013

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