Healthcare Analytics Solution

Access data from any source to fuel clinical insight discovery, patient and member engagement, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency.

To succeed in healthcare transformation, you require new insights about what’s working and what’s not—insights available only from accurate analysis of clinical and financial data.

Traditional healthcare analytics and business intelligence initiatives take too long, cost too much, and deliver too little. Other challenges include the lack of trust arising from inconsistent data quality and the high cost of multiple iterations. To overcome these barriers, organizations need robust information management capabilities.

Informatica provides the ability to access and trust data from any source—from EMR applications like Epic to data warehousing environments, and claims data-management applications. With this solution, developers and business analysts alike can include any data—big or small, clinical or administrative—in analytics. The result: You are ready to engage patients, cure disease,and optimize product offerings.

This Informatica solution powers innovative healthcare analytics by putting data management capabilities and best practices to work. 

Based on the industry-leading Informatica Platform, the Informatica solution for healthcare analytics features the following capabilities:

  • Seamless integration with existing IT environments, including any data model
  • Impact analyses to illustrate the effects of proposed changes before they're implemented
  • Rapid prototyping so that clinicians and business analysts can effectively communicate data requirements to development
  • Transparency into the history of data 
  • Support for integration of data from legacy EMR and claims applications
  • Concurrent data processing to enhance the performance and scalability of data integration environments
  • Workload distribution across multiple servers, and optimized resource usage through adaptive load balancing to meet increased project demands
  • Version control and configuration management to fully empower data integration developers
  • Access to a wide variety of data systems and formats including HL7 (when complemented by Informatica PowerExchange), including structured, unstructured, and semistructured data; relational data; mainframe data; file data; standards-based data; and message queue data


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