Healthcare Application Modernization




Realize ROI while simplifying maintenance of data access to clinical and administrative applications that are no longer used in production.

As a healthcare application leader, you are in the midst of a near-perfect storm of change:

  • Comprehensive healthcare reform under the Accountable Care Act
  • Multiple regulatory compliance mandates, such as ICD-10
  • Rapid advancements in technology, including the move to mobile platforms and the promise of big data analytics to revolutionize care

Under these circumstances, you must balance making enhancements to existing systems, adopting new technologies, and investing in operations and analytic solutions. Informatica helps strike this balance with application modernization.

Informatica simplifies how you maintain data access in clinical and administrative applications that are no longer used in production. You can modernize systems while eliminating the costs of maintaining legacy and redundant applications as well as non-production copies used for testing and development. By retiring redundant electronic medical records (EMRs) and migrating to modern platforms, You can reduce costs by retiring legacy health systems to a consolidated, secure archive while retaining access to historical patient records.

With this solution, you can:

  • Reduce costs and maximize ROI by eliminating the hardware, software, and maintenance efforts associated with redundant applications, such as legacy electronic health records (EHRs)
  • Increase provider productivity and improve customer service by maintaining quick and easy access to archived records and data
  • Minimize the risk of violating patient privacy rules by applying and adhering to policy-based data retention and disposal rules
  • Meet patient privacy requirements for clinical research activities by de-identifying data during research data extracts
  • Comply with HIPAA patient-privacy rules and pass audits by masking sensitive data in non-production copies
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements and ensure timely responses to eDiscovery with integrated search and legal hold support

Unlike competing offerings, the Informatica Healthcare Application Modernization solution enables you to access retired application data through standard and policy-based retention rules. Modernization lets you strike a balance that allows for both access and re-investment.

Key capabilities provided with the Informatica Healthcare Application Modernization solution:

  • Web-based interface for end-user access to legacy health records 
  • Role-based security and data masking to maintain patient privacy 
  • Common patient data model, unifying access across legacy systems 
  • More than 30 prebuilt, customizable patient-centric reports 
  • Open receivables burn-down capabilities to manage and apply payments in the archive 
  • Audit logging for Fair Warning compliance and reporting

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