Cloud Data Integration

High-performance ETL, ELT, ingestion,
synchronization, and replication for a
multi-cloud, hybrid world.



Codeless, optimized integration to hundreds of applications and data sources across on-premises and cloud.


Key Features

Broad range of connectors

Connectors support any data type (structured, unstructured, or complex), any pattern (across batch, ETL, ELT, real-time, big data processing, APIs, events, and streaming) and advanced capabilities like PDO, change data capture, advanced lookups, partitioning, and error handling.

Codeless advanced integration

Build simple to complex data integration loads using a mapping designer with out-of-the-box advanced data integration transformations.

Wizards for data replication & data synchronization

Use prebuilt task wizards to help replicate and synchronize bulk data, at scale. Perform a few simple steps focused on defining the source and target, and you can complete an advanced integration task without being an integration expert.

Mass data ingestion

Streamline high-performance transfer of enterprise data assets in file format, securely and at scale, from on-premises and cloud sources (such as Amazon S3, Azure Blob, or HDFS) to cloud-based data stores and warehouses.

Task flow orchestration

Orchestrate multiple data integration tasks and mappings, run them in a non-linear parallel fashion, and perform advanced exception handling and decision-making.

Intelligent Structure Discovery

Leverage the CLAIRE™ engine to understand the structure of complex files and automatically infer the appropriate processing model.

Change data capture

Extract and transfer massive volumes of changed data from transactional systems into relational databases, avoiding redundancy by leaving all unchanged data alone.

Enterprise Data Catalog integration

Search and discover enterprise-wide metadata from within Informatica Cloud Data Integration, import connections, and object metadata.

Go serverless at scale with Cloud Data Integration Elastic

Need to process large volumes of data, but want to avoid managing servers or acquiring additional big data skills? Informatica’s Cloud Data Integration Elastic service combines a serverless Spark engine with dynamic scaling and automation for streamlined cloud-based processing.

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