Data Security and Privacy for Public Sector

Protect the sensitive and confidential data entrusted to your agency from internal and external threats.

Do you trust that your confidential, sensitive, and even classified data is beyond the reach of today’s sophisticated cyber attackers? How confident are you that you won’t wake up to a headline touting a data breach at your agency?

A recent Ponemon study showed that 57 percent of IT practitioners do not know where all the sensitive or confidential data exists within their organizations. This statistic doesn’t do much to inspire confidence and trust, especially when the General Accounting Office (GAO) has estimated that cyber attacks on the U.S. government have increased 680 percent over the last six years.

The impacts of a successful breach are far ranging—citizens are inconvenienced, your agency’s reputation is tarnished, you incur unbudgeted financial burdens, national security is compromised or, in the worst case scenario, a breach results in someone’s death.

Today, security professionals must focus on mitigating risk through rapid detection and containment of breaches. Beyond existing approaches, what more can be done? You can start by identifying and filling the gaps in your current approach. 

One way to mitigate risk is to discover and permanently mask confidential and sensitive data from non-production environments, such as test and development environments. Another is to dynamically mask data stored in production systems to provide more tightly controlled access, and give control of this function to the business users who understand the nature and context of the data.

To help with rapid detection of breaches, you need a complete view derived from all available data, specialized security applications, sensors, enterprise application logs, network equipment logs, and others. This vast set of data then needs to be assimilated and delivered to analytics tools capable of discovering anomalies and patterns of threatening behavior.

Informatica offers data solutions to help with these security challenges. These solutions:

  • Mask or block sensitive and confidential information from unauthorized access in both production and non-production environments.
  • Rapidly and reliably deliver data to cyber analytics tools in a state ready to be processed.

Used individually or in concert with other data protection and cyber solutions, Informatica empowers your IT organization to comply with data privacy policies, regulations, and mandates, lowering your risk of becoming tomorrow’s headline.


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