Omnichannel Customer Master Data Management

Integrating data from your point-of-sale (POS), web, contact center, mobile apps, and social channels enables you to deliver a seamless customer experience.

To streamline operations, retailers must focus on improving the multichannel shopping experience to boost customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. Yet the customer data required to do so is often low quality and inconsistent across retail applications, including CRM, POS, and e-commerce.

Without a trustworthy, 360-degree view of your customer data—including information about their preferred products and channels—gaining valuable consumer insights is challenging. This keeps you from making informed decisions about your customers and improving cross-sell and up-sell offers, marketing promotions, and customer service.

Multichannel customer data management

The Informatica solution for multichannel customer data management enriches customer analytics and operations with data to help you deliver consistent, personalized shopping experiences and increase customer loyalty. It provides 360-degree views of customers and their households, social network relationships, and product and channel preferences.

Using this solution, retailers can:

  • Improve multichannel shopping experiences, sales, and merchandizing by using customer data about product and channel preferences
  • Deploy targeted marketing offers by using customer and household data in segmentation and marketing analytics
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by arming customer service reps with 360-degree customer views
  • Decrease operational costs by eliminating time spent manually searching for customer data
  • Reduce risk and maximize opportunities by delivering more accurate regulatory and profitability reports

Key capabilities

Unlike other master data management offerings, the Informatica solution for multichannel customer data management provides a retail industry-specific data model that adapts to evolving requirements, enables quicker implementation, and accelerates time to value. It allows you to deliver consistent and personalized shopping experiences to your customers.

It offers:

  • A prebuilt B2B customer data model that includes accounts and contacts, and illuminates the relationships among them
  • A 360-degree customer view of predefined relationships to enrich customer profiles
  • Complete visibility into customers’ purchased products and channel-partner relationships
  • A dashboard for business decision-makers and data stewards to maintain ongoing customer data management
  • Integrated data-quality management to maintain the trustworthiness of customer data, correct errors, and eliminate duplicates
  • Enterprise data integration to move data to and from retail applications

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