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The clamor for fast access to trusted data is growing. Organizations are increasingly reliant on data to deliver business insights that power digital transformation. At the same time, growing investments in cloud infrastructures rely on fast, flexible, and systematic approaches to data management to ensure repeatable and consistent value. Providing fast access to critical data is fraught with challenges for IT, however. The ever-growing volume, velocity, and variety of big data threaten both the speed in which IT can deliver the data as well as the quality of the data itself.

Empower business users 

A systematic approach enables you to quickly and repeatably get more business value from more big data without more risk. Free IT resources to focus on data quality by eradicating manual data reconciliation efforts. Consider cloud-based data lakes to remove the dependence on IT for infrastructure and systems maintenance. And empower business users to take on data preparation with self-service tools. You can uncover more data in real time as well as relationships among data assets with new machine learning and artificial intelligence analytics technologies. For better collaboration across teams and improved business context and trust, enable crowdsourced data curation.

Risk-centric approach to big data

Informatica’s market-leading solution ensures more of the big data you need can be quickly and repeatably turned into business value without risk with a systematic approach to cloud data lake management as part of your information management strategy. Informatica takes a risk-centric approach to protecting big data by automatically classifying sensitive data and proactively detecting threats of unauthorized data access or proliferation. Based upon assessments, data can be non-intrusively protected for secure access to contextual information. 


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