State Healthcare Agency

This State Healthcare Agency administers their state’s Medicaid program. The program is jointly funded by the federal and state governments for individuals and families who qualify based on income level.

“They’re our business partners in creating a healthier state, and by using Informatica, we can help to keep them focused on patients and integrated care rather than administrative tasks.”

 Data Governance Manager

State Healthcare Agency
Business Requirements
  • Reduce the amount of “dirty data” from source systems and external files
  • Use a solution that can be easily adopted by other agencies and divisions
  • Minimize manual processes and opportunities for human error
  • Drive provider participation in their program, designed to increase efficiencies in health care service delivery statewide
  • Implement data quality and governance initiatives with automated tools
  • Improve provider and member communications to build better relationships and minimize returned mail
Solutions & Results
  • Use Informatica solutions to enable more accurate, smooth, and effective communications about their program to providers
  • Automate data quality checks with Informatica Data Quality
  • Reclaims one FTE and helps improve relationships with care providers
  • Validate providers’ servicing addresses with Informatica Address Verification, with plans to expand verification to member addresses
  • Helps increase provider participation in their program, resulting in more integration between acute care and behavioral health care
  • Enables the creation of a formal data governance program without adding headcount
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Products & Services

Informatica Address Verification

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Informatica Data Quality

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Informatica PowerCenter

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