HTLF's strategic shift to AI and data excellence

HTLF aimed to transform their banking services with a nimble data strategy while addressing fundamental trust issues with their data. Through their strategic partnership with Informatica, HTLF leveraged the Informatica cloud platform to enable cost-effective, AI-fueled growth and establish a robust data foundation ensuring enhanced trust in their banking operations.

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Brad Enneking:
HTLF is a mid-sized regional bank that has 11 brands spread across a number of different states in the West and the Midwest.

We really want to grow organically. We want to be able to offer new products, you know, really be able to pivot.

Our primary focus is we need to build a foundation to be flexible, to be nimble and to meet business needs and react to unpredictable events.

There was some really fundamental challenges with our ability to trust our data.

Our strategy was really to start with data integration, move on to house holding and revamp that system, implement master data management, and then ultimately implement governance.

Through our evaluation and process, we found that if we went with Informatica, we had access to everything that we were planning on doing across the suite of products.

Once we licensed IPUs, we could pick and choose. We could dip our total in the water and learn more about it.

Plus ultimately the cost was was significantly less than what we were and what we were paying with with the tools that we were moving away from.

It took us about three months to transition over everything to Informatica.

We're using the data integration tool pretty extensively to move data around, batch and real time, we’ll continue to replace our the legacy systems that are left in that space.

We're really ramping up our data governance implementation and we're scanning all of our data now.

So it's really moving the needle for us already.

One of the main questions I had for the folks I was talking to CLAIRE GPT about and found out that it's it's does not ingest our data.

It uses aggregated anonymized data from across customers, but all of our data stays within our space, which is, which is really important to us.

For us to be ready to leverage AI in our organization using our data, we really need to have the right data in the right place at the right time. So the biggest area that we need to focus on to get ready for AI is having high-quality data, so well-governed data.

With what we're using with Informatica, it's really front and center of our AI journey.

“For us to be ready to leverage AI, we really need to have the right data in the right place at the right time. With what we're using with Informatica, it's really front and center of our AI journey.”

Brad Enneking

Chief Information Officer

HTLF sought to resolve deep trust issues in their data for agile growth and AI readiness.


HTLF selected Informatica as the AI-powered platform to enhance their enterprise data management structure with cloud data integration and data governance.


HTLF has seen substantial cost reductions and bolstered data reliability while building a scalable and flexible data framework that accelerates organic growth and supports advanced AI-driven banking services.

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