Customer 360: Deliver data-driven experiences

Design personalized and relevant experiences with a trusted, 360-degree view of your customers.

Get to know your customers better

By bridging silos and overcoming data challenges, Customer 360 delivers a more complete understanding of your customers.

Grow mindshare

Design engaging, relevant experiences to attract, retain and grow your customer base.

Build loyalty

Deliver effortless experiences every time to meet your customers’ high expectations.

Achieve more

Develop greater clarity and accuracy to improve your marketing, sales and service outcomes.

Connect all your customer data

Make it faster and easier for your company to gain value from your customer data.

Application for Customer Data Mastering
Use an all-in-one solution built on a microservices architecture for a single customer view.

Low- and No-Code Capabilities
Create configurable, role-based views of customer dashboards, hierarchies and network graphs.

Preconfigured Content
Leverage data models, reports and integrations tailored to specific industries and data sources.

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Your essential Customer 360 resources



CX Data Strategy: The Ultimate Framework for Better Customer Experience

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The New CX Norm in a Post-Covid World

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Marketer’s Guide to Customer Experience (CX)

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White Paper

White Paper

How Customer Data Management Delivers Value and Delightful Customer Experience - 4379

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Data as a Service

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Data Governance

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The Forrester Wave™: Master Data Management, Q2 2023

Gain high-value insights from top customer experience leaders

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