The “Intelligence” in the Intelligent Data Platform

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Data-driven digital transformation requires more data of higher quality to fuel innovation than previously imagined. Few organizations can afford to scale their resources to support this explosive growth in data volume and complexity to keep pace with technology modernization and change, however. These limitations have kept disruption at arm’s length for many companies. 

Until now.

The CLAIRE engine provides Enterprise Unified Metadata Intelligence to accelerate productivity across the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform. Using machine learning and other AI techniques, CLAIRE leverages the industry-leading metadata capabilities of the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform to accelerate and automate core data management and governance processes.

The Intelligent Data Platform powered by CLAIRE enables organizations to out-perform competitors through the disruptive use of data.

Intelligence for developers and architects

CLAIRE accelerates intelligence for data management professionals by resolving the identities of master, reference, and transactional data domains (such as people, orders, and leads). CLAIRE can automatically infer similar data from user tags, discover relationships among data, and use AI-based schema matching to link target schemas to source data and help automate data integration. AI-enhanced entity matching capabilities enable more accurate matching and allow you to match unstructured and semi-structured data.


Intelligence for analysts and business users

CLAIRE improves business users’ data self-service abilities by intelligently recommending data sets that might be of interest, suggesting next best actions, or automatically associating business terms and definitions with the underlying technical data, bridging the understanding gap between business and IT. AI/ML-enhanced entity matching allows business users to be part of the matching process: with business users labeling training data, configuring a data matching system takes a few hours instead of days.

Intelligence for data stewards and curators

CLAIRE boosts the productivity of data stewards and curators by accurately inferring new data relationships and meta-models. Metadata knowledge graphs help automate and accelerate stewardship tasks such as determining data lineage, identifying sensitive data, and consistently applying data quality rules.


Intelligence for administrators and operations professionals

CLAIRE enables administrators and operations professionals to do more by making the Intelligent Data Platform itself more intelligent. Increasingly, the platform will become more intelligent for lights-out operations with capabilities such as predicting system loads and bursting or self-tuning, making it simple to operate complex enterprise data management tasks.