Great data is never an accident. It happens by design, with Informatica products that help you find, cleanse, and transform data for business needs.

Big Data Management


Integrate, secure, and govern next-generation big data with repeatable, reliable, and maintainable processes to add value to your organization.

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Featured Big Data Products

Big Data Management

Data integration, data governance, and data security on Hadoop.

Big Data Relationship Management

Discovers relationships among parties and groups them to create a 360-degree view.

Intelligent Data Lake

Collaboratively transform raw big data into trusted information assets that deliver business value to the right people at the right time.

Cloud Integration


Comprehensive cloud integration and data management services for Salesforce, Workday, Redshift, and other cloud ecosystems.

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Featured Cloud Integration Products

Cloud Data Integration

High-performing bulk data synchronization and replication for cloud and on-premise apps, using an advanced designer for technical users and a self-service UI for SaaS administrators.

Cloud Application Integration

Integrates data sources in real time with intelligent business processes that span cloud and on-premise applications.

Cloud Data Management

Combine MDM and sandbox management for a safe and secure single view of your customer data in Salesforce.

Data Integration


Access, trust, integrate, and deliver your critical data efficiently.

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Featured Data Integration Products


The industry's only fully integrated, end-to-end, agile data integration platform.

Informatica Integration Hub

Delivers an innovative, publish/subscribe hub approach for elegant, alternative point-to-point integrations.

Connectors (PowerExchange)

Provides out-of-the-box, high-performance connectivity to all enterprise data, eliminating the risk and cost of hand coding.

Data Quality


Ensure clean, high-quality data regardless of its size, data format, platform, or technology.

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Featured Data Quality Products

Informatica Data Quality

Provides all your projects and initiatives with clean, trusted data to meet your business objectives, regardless of size, format, or platform of your data.

Data as a Service

Confidently connect with your customers using accurate, verified contact data.

Data Preparation (Rev)

An intelligent data prep application that makes it easy to set up self-service datasets.

Data Security


Data-centric security for a data-centric world.

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Featured Data Security Products


Delivers data security intelligence so organizations can understand sensitive data risks and vulnerabilities.

Data Masking

Provides data security and privacy controls to prevent unauthorized access to and disclosure of sensitive, private, and confidential information.

Test Data Management

Securely provisions test and development data by automating data masking, data subsetting, and test data-generation capabilities.

Informatica Platform


Fuel your business with great data.

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Featured Informatica Platform Products


An embeddable data management engine powering the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform.

Business Process Management

Automates processes and enables service-oriented application integration.

Integration Platform-as-a-Service


Visual tools and out-of-the-box connectors to SaaS and on-premise applications for developers and architects.

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Featured Integration Platform-as-a-Service Products

Informatica Cloud Mobility

With Informatica Cloud Mobile Administration, you can check the status of your integration jobs on your iPhone or iPad.

Master Data Management


The only MDM solution that is both flexible enough to solve your unique business challenges and easy to deploy.

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Featured Master Data Management Products

Multidomain MDM

Deliver business value by providing complete and accurate views of critical master data.

Product 360 (PIM)

An application focused on centrally managing information about products sold through different distribution channels.

Identity Resolution

Searches systems and databases to discover hidden connections between people.