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“We've seen a lot of return since we've implemented the solution. The business is happy and the data is flowing.”

Fauzan Ahmed
IT Manager – Application Development and Support, Marathon Oil


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See how SunRun is leveraging Informatica to simplify processes, reduce costs and improve scalability.

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Drive digital transformation

Use intelligent data management to drive digital transformation so you can compete in a fast-changing energy industry.

Realize growth opportunities

Ensure your data is trusted and governed to capitalize on new growth opportunities, even in volatile markets.

Simplify OSDU transformation

Simplify your OSDU transformation by leveraging AI to automate data management tasks and improve data quality.

Embrace responsible computing

Optimize energy efficiency and integrate responsible computing practices for data management.

Indian Oil makes better decisions on dynamic pricing and effectively monitors stock and dispensing units at retail outlets.

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Eliminate data silos

Eliminate data silos to achieve coherent operations while optimizing processes and data-led decisions.

Leverage subsurface data

Pull subsurface data from silos and spread benefits across the business. Improve operations, reduce costs and drive innovation.

Empower teams with self-service

Equip teams to self-service and streamline workflows, improve applications and turn reports into actionable insights.

Modernize operations with AI

Use AI-powered data management to retain market share and enable personalized services, updated distribution systems and more.

Discover how to efficiently meet customer needs while reducing your carbon footprint and enhancing sustainability.

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Enhance data for compliance

Ensure your data is clean, accurate and governed to power business initiatives and ensure regulatory compliance.

Shift to decarbonization

Efficiently process data from multiple sources in real time for activities like emissions and consumption tracking.

Ensure sustainable operations

Manage climate risks and build sustainable operations with environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting.

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Informatica and the OSDU Data Platform: Powering the Future of Energy Operations

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A Guide to Modernizing Master Data Management from On-Premises to Cloud

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How to Understand Data Profiling Results and Improve Your Data Quality


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Intelligent Data Management Cloud


Intelligently scan metadata to discover and understand your enterprise data.

data integration & Engineering

Access and integrate data at scale using elastic and serverless computing.

API & App

Connect your applications and automate end-to-end business processes.

data quality & observability

Deliver consistent, trusted, and governed data across the enterprise.

MDM & 360

Innovate with 360 views of business data and trusted intelligent insights.

Access & Privacy

Data intelligence to govern, protect and democratize your data.


The industry’s only cloud-native, AI-powered solution for data sharing.



The energy and utilities sector can leverage data management solutions that include data integration, quality, cataloging and master data management to optimize operations and facilitate smart grid management.

Learn about master data management for the energy and utilities industry

Informatica offers a suite of data management tools tailored for energy and utilities, including robust data integration, governance and analytics to empower decision-making and operational efficiency.

Learn about master data management for the energy and utilities industry

Informatica solutions assist in maintaining regulatory compliance by providing transparent data lineage, robust governance frameworks and precise data quality controls, ensuring adherence to industry standards.

Learn how Informatica aids energy and utilities companies in achieving compliance and improving data governance

Data management solutions improve customer experiences by providing a unified view of customer data, enabling personalized service offerings and facilitating proactive engagement through detailed insights.

Learn more about how Informatica data management solutions can enhance the customer experience for energy and utility

Powering a sustainable future

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