NextGen Healthcare

NextGen Healthcare

NextGen Healthcare is a leading software provider for a range of medical, dental, and behavioral institutions. The company’s core products include Electronic Health Records and Practice Management technologies, though its full catalog includes solutions for population health, patient portals, and more. NextGen Healthcare’s integrated solutions help its clients to work more productively and improve the patient experience.

“I’m lucky to work with the best team I’ve ever been a part of in my career, and with the help of Informatica we’ve got some breathing room to really flex our IT muscle. Not only have we come together to deliver a great project, we’re also in a better position than ever to support NextGen in the next stage of its journey.”

David Alvaro, Software Development Team Lead, Enterprise Applications at NextGen Healthcare


Business Need

Deliver fast, reliable data integrations across real-time and batch operations to improve sales contact management and client service

Rapidly transition from a legacy integration platform to a robust cloud-based solution

Transform IT capabilities to improve operational efficiency


Solutions & Results

Completed a complex data integration across dozens of critical business applications, including Salesforce, SAP, and Slack

Redesigned and developed point-to-point integrations, as well as FTP processes

Moved both real-time and batch integration workloads onto the Informatica platform

Accelerated customer pipeline operations, helping to drive faster revenue realization

Delivered crucial integrations between Salesforce and SAP, ensuring reliable data exchanges with minimal downtime

Internal cases relating to integration issues decreased over 50%


Products & Services

Cloud Data Integration

Codeless, optimized integration to hundreds of applications and data sources across on-premises and cloud.

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