Join Informatica at an AWS Global Summit

In-Person and Virtual
April – August 2022

Meet with Informatica at the AWS Global Summit in your city

Paris* April 12 Meet with Informatica
San Francisco April 20 Meet with Informatica
London* April 27 Meet with Informatica
Madrid May 5 Meet with Informatica
Berlin* May 11-12 Meet with Informatica
Atlanta May 18 Meet with Informatica
Washington, DC May 23 Meet with Informatica
Milan June 21 Meet with Informatica
New York City July 12 Meet with Informatica
Sao Paulo August 3 Meet with Informatica
Chicago August 25 Meet with Informatica

*Don’t miss our Informatica talks at the Paris, London and Berlin Summits!

Win a drone

When you book an in-person meeting with Informatica at an AWS Global Summit, or meet with us virtually, you will be entered automatically into Informatica’s “Win a Drone” contest.

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*Not available in Sweden, Italy and LATAM or in any government/public sector organizations in any country where restrictions apply

Accelerate your data-led modernization on AWS with Informatica

Extract value from your data and drive actionable insights and better business outcomes with Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud. With our AWS-native, metadata-driven platform, rapidly discover, catalog and integrate data on AWS — while cleansing, governing, protecting and mastering all your on-premises, hybrid and cloud data.

Get 360-degree customer insights

Understand your customers at every stage of the modernization journey by mastering your data and meeting your business and marketplace demands with faster innovation.

Enable trusted data with unified data governance

Ensure access to trusted data for everyone and fuel intelligent data-led analytics for smart insights across the business.

Simplify Cloud ETL and ELT on AWS

Jumpstart data ingestion, integration, transformation and loading of priority workloads on AWS — with prebuilt connectivity and no-code data integration — for free.

See Informatica in action at an AWS Global Summit

Learn how to get up and running fast with our integration free service, then govern, master and easily share data on AWS. Check out our demos at an AWS Global Summit.

Streamline Data Access in AWS Lake Formation

Automate self-service governed data access in AWS Lake Formation via Informatica’s Data Marketplace.

Govern and Catalog Your Data on AWS

Automatically discover and understand data assets, similarities, and sensitivities to ensure trust for your data consumers.

Gain a Single View of All Your Data on AWS

Enable master data management on AWS for an authoritative record of critical business and customer data with 360-degree views and insights.

Integrate Your Data to AWS with our Free Service

Fast-track data ingestion, integration, and transformation to your AWS data warehouse, data lake or lakehouse.

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