The world’s best systems integrators, resellers, and ISVs partner with Informatica to help you integrate, innovate, and accelerate your business.

Partner for success

As the world’s number-one independent provider of data integration software, Informatica knows what it takes to be successful. So do our partners. Global systems integrators like Accenture, Capgemini, and Cognizant and technology leaders like, Amazon Web Services, and Cisco partner with us. We owe a large part of our success to a rich ecosystem of more than 400 partners who understand the needs of your business and are invested in your success.

Informatica’s data integration software platform—combined with the deep industry knowledge, expertise, specialized solutions, and proven capabilities of our robust partner ecosystem—enable you to access, integrate, and trust your information assets and receive maximum value from your investment.

We work with four different categories of partner companies:

  • Global systems integrators (SIs)
  • Systems integrators and solution providers
  • Resellers and distributors 
  • SaaS, independent software vendors (ISVs), and technology partners

Global systems integrators

Global SIs include recognized consulting and outsourcing companies that provide joint investment, proven delivery capabilities, and executive commitment to Informatica on a worldwide scale. They provide you with deep expertise in architecting, planning, and delivering the Informatica data integration and management suite. The commitment and investment between our global SI partners and Informatica leads to the ultimate customer experience. You benefit from the unified Informatica platform and integration components as well as from the proven methodologies for data integration and delivery experience, resources, and tools that our global SI partners offer.

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Systems integrators & solution providers

SI and solution provider partners are consulting organizations that specialize in helping you get more value from data. They offer integration and delivery services, vertical and horizontal business solutions, and in-depth expertise to provide value when you use the Informatica platform. Whether you want expertise in a specific industry or depth in, for instance, regulatory compliance, our SI and solution provider partners can help.

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Resellers and distributors

Resellers and distributors are independent businesses that expand Informatica’s selling reach and add their own value to our products. When you buy from an Informatica Business Partner, you’re buying from a company with priority access to enhanced enablement offerings as well as technical, product, and implementation best practices.

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SaaS, ISV, and technology partners

SaaS, ISV, and technology partners include industry-leading application technology and IT infrastructure companies that leverage Informatica software to develop and deliver enterprise data integration solutions. ISVs provide technology that complements our products, and SaaS providers leverage Informatica software as part of a data-driven service to their customers. Technology partners build and sell their own offerings as well as co-sell or have offerings that include Informatica software.

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Become a Partner

Informatica offers two types of programs for those interested in partnering.

INFORM Alliance Program

Designed for global SIs, solution providers, and value-added resellers and distributors of Informatica products

Platform Partner Program

Tailored for SaaS, ISV, and technology partners delivering integrated solutions