Informatica acquisition news –
August 6, 2015

The Informatica Team Remains Committed To Your Success

To Our Valued Customers,

On behalf of the Informatica team, we would like to reiterate our commitment to your success as we transition from a publicly traded company to one privately held by the Permira funds and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB). Informatica’s mission remains the same: to help you power the data-ready enterprise by delivering leading technologies in “all things data.”

As a private company, Informatica will gain greater flexibility to better balance short-term quarterly considerations with long-term multi-year priorities. At this pivotal stage, we believe this flexibility will allow Informatica to help you benefit more from the technology and economic changes happening in the industry. 

Our industry is transforming from the old world of transaction-centric computing to the new world of interaction-centric computing, while customer preferences are evolving from pay-to-deploy pricing to pay-for-use pricing. As a private company, Informatica is taking steps to create even more value for you by delivering transformative innovation and by evolving our business model.

Transformative Innovation Roadmap To Help You Stay Ahead

Our industry is transforming from the old world of transaction-centric computing to the new world of interaction-centric computing with the growing adoption of four megatrends: cloud computing, social media, big data and pervasive mobile computing. To help you stay ahead, we will further focus on our transformative innovation roadmap:

  • To help you adopt cloud computing and retain control over your data, we will advance our comprehensive cloud integration service. 
  • To help you effectively engage with your customers using new interaction channels including social media, we will deliver the most versatile MDM solutions.
  • To help you realize the promise of big data, we will offer next generation data integration, data quality and data preparation technologies.
  • To protect against breaches in the modern world of perimeter-less pervasive computing, we will further advance our award-winning data security products.

Business Model Evolution To Meet Your Preferences

Customer preferences are changing from pay-to-deploy capital expenditures to pay-for-use operating expenses, particularly related to newer technologies such as big data and cloud integration. To meet these preferences, we will expand our subscription offerings including Informatica Cloud, Informatica Data-as-a-Service, PowerCenter Big Data Edition, Informatica Rev and Secure@Source. In fact, over the past five years, the contribution from our subscription products has quadrupled to almost 20% of total new software revenue. We will continue to grow our traditional license products while growing our new subscription offerings faster to meet customers’ preferences.

The Informatica Team Remains Committed To Your Success

We take great pride in the fact that our customers ranked Informatica as #1 in customer loyalty ratings for nine consecutive years according to an independent third party. Living our customer-first culture, we remain dedicated to continuing that track record of customer loyalty.

As the largest independent leader in data integration, we are better prepared than ever to deliver value to our customers, partners and employees. Our top priorities remain the same:

  • Empower our customers to put data potential to work and to transform their worlds for the better.
  • Enable our partners to grow thriving businesses powered by Informatica innovations.
  • Empower our employees to achieve their career aspirations.

It is indeed our privilege to work with each of you to power the data-ready enterprise and to help ensure your success.


Sohaib Abbasi

Anil Chakravarthy
Acting Chief Executive Officer, Informatica


Post-Acquisition Informatica Customer
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  1. What is the recent news regarding Informatica being acquired?
    A: On August 6, 2015, Informatica was acquired by the Permira funds and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB). Strategic investors also include Microsoft and You can read the press release .
  2. How does this change impact Informatica customers?
    A: We are committed to our customers, and you will see minimal, if any, changes. We anticipate a seamless transition. Overall, the acquisition impacts our customers in a very positive way by enabling Informatica to focus more closely on customer success and outcomes. By going private, Informatica can accelerate innovation around Cloud solutions, deliver additional security capabilities and offer you the full range of data integration solutions, on and off-premise, to accelerate your business.
  3. Will Informatica’s support offerings remain the same for customers?
    A: At Informatica, we are committed to maintaining the superior quality of innovation, support and service that you have come to expect of us. Any changes in support programs will aim to improve customer experience and ensure customer success in using our products.
  4. Will assigned sales representatives and account teams stay the same?
    A: We don’t expect any major changes with our sales reps and accounts teams. Our goal is to maintain business as usual. We are monitoring the corner cases in which coverage will change and will proactively communicate to customers throughout this transition.
  5. What is the long-term strategy of Informatica?
    A: After 20 years plus history of innovation, Informatica will continue to evolve our business model to bring to the industry the best thought leadership capabilities around data and more. Our transformative innovation will be shaped by technology megatrends: cloud computing, social media and mobile devices, Big Data and pervasive computing. Moreover, we will strongly focus on innovation in “all things data. With our top-ranked products including the industry-first Informatica Cloud, the market share leader Informatica MDM, the data integration gold standard PowerCenter with Data Quality and pioneering new products, Rev and Secure@Source, we are well prepared for the exciting future of “all things data”.
  6. Does going private impact Informatica’s product roadmap and solutions moving forward?
    A: Our multi-year roadmap still focuses on our core products around data integration and the same four pillars: MDM, Big Data, Cloud, and Data Security. Our go-to-market plans remain the same around five compelling technology needs which our customers focus on:  total customer relationship, next generation analytics, cloud modernization, application consolidation, and data governance.
  7. Will Informatica be selling off any products or discontinuing any product lines, or sun-setting maintenance?
    A: As you have seen from our track record, Informatica thrives on product innovation. We are consistently ranked among the top technology companies investing in R&D. We are committed to ensuring that our customers and partners get full value on the investments they make in our products.  We will not make changes in our product strategy or roadmap without extensive consultation with our customers, and we will have plans in place to ensure customer success in using our products.
  8. Will Informatica still provide training and education to customers?
    A: Yes. Customer success is a top priority for Informatica and we realize that training and education services are critical components. We’ll continue to offer on-site and on-demand training to fit our customers needed for better understanding how to best utilize our products for continued success.
  9. Will you be moving to subscription service model?
    A: Providing flexibility to our customers is a priority for Informatica and therefore we will be provisioning software on and off-premise in the Cloud to support our customer needs. At this time we intend to provide both perpetual and pricing subscriptions models for different offerings – which align very closely with market trends, competition and customer needs.
  10. If I should have questions, who can I contact?
    Please contact a member of your account team.