Identity management is an IT gatekeeping function in which users are provided or denied access to business data based on their organizational roles and individual credentials. 

What do I need to know about identity management?

Identity management primarily supports business security and compliance by only allowing explicitly credentialed users to access sensitive information. User rights are controlled programmatically, providing a cost-efficient solution to data security and privacy.

How does identity management work?

The core of identity management is the creation and enforcement of policies that determine which users have access to which resources, devices, and assets in the network. By preventing users from accessing unauthorized resources, the company increases security and productivity, and limits risk from regulatory non-compliance

What do identity management solutions accomplish?

Identity management solutions outfit IT with the means to establish identity of all users in the enterprise and control their access to any federated device or data. These products make it easy to apply business policies to users, taking into account dependent conditions such as wireless or wired access and secured connectivity versus sensitivity of information. Thus the organization is prevented from putting data at risk, while also supporting stakeholders in moving critical business processes forward. Identity management enforces device-specific authentication to improve the organization’s mobile security posture. 

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