Data-led Modernization and Governance With Informatica for Amazon Web Services

Informatica wins two AWS Partner of the Year Awards

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Intelligent. Trusted. Powerful. Data on AWS.

Evolve your business with Informatica on AWS to drive better analysis and accelerate transformational outcomes by modernizing your cloud data warehouse or data lake.

“Access to the right data at the right time is fundamental to the overall success of any cloud analytics initiative. With the new cloud data management integrations that Informatica is bringing in collaboration with AWS, customers will be able to access Informatica directly from Amazon Redshift to achieve greater business value through data-driven decisions.”

Rahul Pathak

Vice President of Relational Engines, AWS

Supercharge trusted data, fuel modernization on AWS

Simplify data migration and integration to AWS

Fast-track Your ELT and ETL Use Cases with Free Cloud Data Integration on AWS

Drive better business decisions with cloud analytics

Accelerate your cloud analytics modernization with our powerful data cataloging, integration, quality, and analytics solution.

Jumpstart data governance and consumer self-service

Democratize data to more users with a governed cloud data lake on AWS, while ensuring appropriate use of data and enabling consumer self-service.

Modernize to an AWS data warehouse

Accelerate and scale your Amazon Redshift project, whether migrating or extending an on-premises data warehouse to AWS or starting a new analytics initiative.


Deliver trusted data insights on AWS data lakes

Identify, prepare, integrate, ingest, and govern your data to build and scale AWS data lakes with cloud native data governance.

Enable Customer 360 across all business functions

Increase customer retention, reduce supply disruptions, increase online sales, and manage liquidity with a 360-degree view that provides business insights.

Informatica unveils new cloud innovations

In collaboration with AWS, Informatica announced a suite of cloud data management services geared toward democratizing data for departmental users, developers, data scientists and data engineers.

Start using high-speed data loading at no cost
Informatica Data Loader is now embedded directly in the AWS Redshift Console allowing you to go from data ingestion to insights in minutes.
Access a unified, self-service data marketplace
Informatica is now the only vendor that packages first- and third-party datasets you can leverage through its Cloud Data Marketplace on AWS.
Simplify data pipeline development for ML models
Informatica INFACore develops data pipelines with prebuilt connectivity, data transformations and data quality functions within Amazon SageMaker.
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Power innovation with Informatica + AWS


Accelerating Data Governance and Cataloging at Point72 with Informatica on Amazon Web Services

Listen as Richard Pilkington, Head of Data Governance at Point72, describes how Informatica is helping the data-centric hedge fund realize its vision for a data “catalog of catalogs.” Point72 is reducing time and cycles in AWS environments to discover and prepare data, as well as enhance data governance.

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