Accelerate Cloud Analytics Modernization
with Informatica and Snowflake

Unleash the power of trusted, timely, data-driven decisions
with cloud agility and scale.


Modernize Analytics with a Cloud Data Warehouse

With Informatica and Snowflake, you can integrate and catalog multi-cloud and on-premises data and provide clean, secure, governed data for analytics at cloud scale and speed

Leverage the Data Economy with Governed Data Sharing

Share and monetize trusted, relevant data in real time with suppliers, partners, and customers—powered by enterprise-wide data governance and cataloging.

Prepare, Cleanse, and Curate Trusted Data for AI/ML in the Cloud

Combining Informatica, Snowflake, and Databricks helps accelerate data science with an AI/ML solution stack rapidly fueled by consistent, trusted data from across the business.

“Informatica and Snowflake continue to find new ways to enable every organization to be data-driven. The latest release of Informatica’s AI-powered automation for the Intelligent Data Platform means that our joint customers will now get all the benefits of Snowflake’s zero-management, cloud-built data warehouse with best-in-class, AI-driven iPaaS productivity and integration from Informatica to drive enterprise-wide collaboration and accelerate digital transformation.” 

—Walter Aldana, Vice President of Alliances, Snowflake 

Demo Video: Informatica for Snowflake

Get a closer look at key features of Informatica’s native Snowflake support, enabling high-performance, scalable data integration into Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse via push-down optimization capability.

Getting Started with Informatica and Snowflake

Find out how you can accelerate your cloud analytics modernization initiatives.

Free Trial of Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS)

Kickstart your Snowflake data warehouse with a free trial of Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services—just add the Snowflake connector to your trial environment.

Free Trial of Snowflake Connector

Test out our Snowflake connector in your IICS environment for 30 days.

Free Trial of Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse

Explore Snowflake—paired with Informatica’s leading data management solution—and start modernizing your analytics today.

Got the Connector? Get the Setup Guide

Dive into Snowflake Connector setup and configuration with our handy guide, and get up and running quickly.

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