CNP Assurances

CNP Assurances is a leading personal insurer in France, across Europe, and in Brazil. The company has more than 5,300 employees, 38 million personal risk and protection policyholders, and 12 million savings and pension policyholders worldwide.

“The objective of our AML/CFT program is to develop an in-house solution that is perfectly suited to our business model to control the level of risk of each incoming and outgoing financial flow, as required by regulations.”

— Benoît Lecussan, Product Manager LCB-FT, CNP Assurances


Business Need

Reduce the risk of financial cybercrime

Comply with changing regulations

Monitor the level of customer risk in real time



Enhance knowledge of customers and their operations to detect money laundering and prevent the financing of terrorism

Comply with multiple Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) regulations

Mitigate risk, strengthen compliance efforts, and enhance customer data quality


Solutions & Results

Use Informatica MDM to store the risk profiles of tens of millions of customers and manage reference data integral to risk calculations

Use Informatica Identity Resolution to search for and match identity data to discover potential connections to terrorist organizations

Use Informatica Data Quality to automatically check and improve customer data quality based on predefined rules

Improves risk management by monitoring daily fluctuations in customer risk levels to detect money laundering activities

Enables AML/CFT compliance by providing the ability to identify and freeze customer assets that could potentially fund terrorist groups

Helps enhance regulatory compliance, avoid fines, and drive digital transformation by improving the accuracy of customer information


Products & Services

Multidomain MDM

The true end-to-end MDM solution tackles complex issues head-on with complete and accurate views of complex business-critical master data and relationships

Informatica Data Quality

Deliver high-quality clean and trusted data with enterprise-class data quality and governance that scales, regardless of size and format of data; platform; or technology.

Identity Resolution

Use highly accurate, multilanguage identity data to discover nonobvious connections.

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